Parenting and Child Issues

Parenting is different from child to child and from one situation to another. There is no one-fits-all fix, but don't put it off come to a competent therapist, Mr. Garner has 30 years of experience.

Parent-Child Issues can be complicated and have many causal factors. It can be as simple as communication or a behavioral problem to more complicated issues such as the child or adolescent having emotional difficulities at school, with friends, problems with bullies (or your child is mean or a bully), they may have problems with siblings, with a step-parent, with a step-brother or step-sister or a half-brother or sister, their parents may be going through a divorce, their parents may be having problems with custody, or there has been a death in the family, or even the death of a parent.

It is best that the child or adolescent be assessed by Mr. Garner and a plan for therapy be arranged.

Mr. Garner has been dealing with all the above mentioned Parent-Child Issues and complications for 30 years and has taught various parenting classes.

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