Couples and Marital (Imago Relationship Therapy)

Mr. Doug Garner specializes in Couples/Marital Therapy (Don't put it off any longer!)

Mr. Garner is in his final stages of  Imago Relationship Therapy Certification.

The California Association of Marriage Therapist reports that only about 10% of Marriage therapists actually know how to perform Marital Therapy. Mr. Doug Garner can be counted amoung that 10%.

Mr. Garner believes that it is in the intimate relationship that the deepest levels of healing can happen and that any issue that comes up for one individual has an impact on the other and can be an opportunity for empathy, deeper connection, healing and growth.

It is essential that the couple be in a Commitment to a Process of Change, to being Proactive rather than Reactive, replacing the acting out of relationship pain to a Commitment to the relationship, to a Commitment to Growth and Healing work, to a Commitment to Personal Introspection and Responsibility, to a Commitment of REMOVING NEGATIVITY, RESPECTING THE OTHER'S SPACE, REMOVING ALL SHAME, BLAME, CRITICISM AND NEGATIVITY FROM THE RELATIONSHIP.

That journey begins in the therapists office where the therapist requests the couple to Commit to the Process of therapy, rather than to tell or report on the other. The atmosphere of therapy is for the emotional safety of each couple as they begin the healing process becoming non-defensive, as each feels heard by the other with validation and empathy.

Between sessions homework assignments are to supplement the in-session work, encourage clients to integrate new learning at home, empower them to take charge of their own healing and help them build their relationship skills.

Mr. Garner recommends the book (but it is not essential to begin couples therapy)  

Couples or Marital therapy requires a 90 minute session therefore the cost is $150 per 90 minute session. I am willing to work with you and your insurance company.

"Getting the Love You Want," from Harville Hendrix, PhD

The Getting The Love You Want Website is:

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