Bipolar Sympotms for Adults and Children

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING FIRST: Although the following symptoms may indicate a Bi-Polar Diagnosis, many of the symptoms could indicate some other diagnosis especially ADHD (Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder), or other diagnoses such as Obsessive and/or Compulsive Disorder, Major Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Petit Mall Seizures, Eating Disorder, or several other possible Diagnoses.
A Diagnosis of Bi-Polar Should Only Be Given by a Competent and Knowledgeable Professional
THE FOLLOWING ARE POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS OF AN ADULT OR CHILD WITH A BI-POLAR DISORDER (An Adult or Child does not need all symptoms for a diagnosis)

__ Depressed Mood
__ Poor appetite or overeating
__ Difficulty Sleeping
__ Lack of energy
__ Feelings of Hopelessness, Helplessness, or Powerlessness
__  Inflated Self-Esteem
__ Decreased need for Sleep
__ More Talkative
__ Racing Thoughts
__ Increased activity in Obtaining Goals
­­__ Separation anxiety
__ Rages and/or explosive temper tantrums
__ Marked irritability
__ Oppositional behavior
__ Rapid cycling (frequent mood swings, occurring within an hour, a day, or several days) or
__ Long Mood Cycling (a month to a year or more)
__ Easily Distracted (Except for High Stimulation Activities including Computer or Video Games)
__ Hyperactivity and/or
__ Times of Lethargy (“Couch-Potatoes”)
__ Impulsivity
__ Restlessness/fidgetiness
__ Silliness, giddiness, goofiness
__ Aggressive behavior
__ Carbohydrate cravings
__ Risk-taking behaviors
__ Low self-esteem
__ Difficulty getting up in the morning
__ Social Anxiety, or the opposite, Sometimes the “Life of the Party”
__ Overly sensitivity to emotional or environmental triggers
__ Easily Bored
__ Lack of organization
__ Excessive daydreaming
__ Suicidal thoughts
__ Obsessive Thinking
__ Compulsive Activity

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I found a great site for an explaination of Bipolar from Mild to Severe, which includes the difference between Hypomania verses Mania. The site also addresses Delusions and Hallucinations for worst case scenarios:

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